PrincetonOne Employee Spotlight: Lindsey Cathey

PrincetonOne Employee Spotlight: Lindsey Cathey

With our Employee Spotlight series, we will get to know the people who make up the talented PrincetonOne team. For March, we get to know Lindsey Cathey, Recruiting Specialist from our Accounting & Finance Practice.

Where are you originally from?
Born in Dallas, grew up in St. Louis, Missouri.

What’s your favorite part of the business?
Match making – exciting to find the perfect match between candidate and client.

Favorite TV show?
Friends, I own all 10 seasons on DVD and literally can quote along to every episode.

Favorite Client and why?
Alamo Drafthouse, because it is my previous employer and I have a strong connection to their culture and know what type of candidates that would thrive there.

Person within PrincetonOne that you would like to acknowledge?
Lauren Bachman, for recruiting me and convincing me that PrincetonOne was different. I am glad I listened.

Favorite mentor?
Cathleen Anderson, in the short time that I have been with the company I have learned a great deal from her and am excited that she will still be around (since her job has changed) for me to continue learning.

One interesting fact that no one knows about you?
I was in theatre for most of my life and after high school I was accepted to a film school in Los Angeles.

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