PrincetonOne Employee Spotlight: Caro Bisbee

PrincetonOne Employee Spotlight: Caro Bisbee

The RPO team selected Caro Bisbee as April’s employee of the month. She is a critical thinker who sees every conversation as an opportunity to add value. Caro’s passionate approach to her job motivates and uplifts the entire team. Congratulations on this well-deserved accolade!

Where are you originally from?
I was born in Augusta, GA; I’ve lived in Indianapolis for about 5 years.

What’s your favorite part of the business?
I mostly speak with pharmaceutical reps, and I learn so much from them. In any industry, one of your best sources of information is going to be people on the front-line and in pharma, that’s the reps. I’ve talked with some really lovely people with interesting, differing perspectives.

Favorite Food?
As far as I’m concerned, Indian Food is the food of the gods.

Biggest challenge you’ve encountered working at PrincetonOne?
This industry is very consistent; for instance, it’s consistently inconsistent. Hiring cycles are irregular, holidays come up, our business is inexorably tied to the hiring needs of companies that aren’t even our clients… I love it now, since no one month is the same as the last but it does take some getting used to.

Person within PrincetonOne that you would like to acknowledge?
I’d like to acknowledge Jaimie Kline, RPO’s Client Delivery Manager. We’re so different and we’re so the same. It’s like we go so far in opposite directions, but we eventually come up on the other side of the world to meet each other in the middle somewhere. But that’s good for an organization, I think. It wouldn’t make sense for us all to go along being the same as everyone else and falling into groupthink. I know PrincetonOne RPO wouldn’t have the culture that it does, without her.

Favorite mentor or mentee?
I have a cross-stitch plaque that hangs above my desk that says, “Let go and let Heather Jo”, to remind me to rely on the wellspring of managerial insight that is my Talent Delivery Manager, Heather Jo Douglas. Does that answer the question?

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