Austin’s Employment Market for Accounting & Finance

Austin’s Employment Market for Accounting & Finance

Austin’s economy is trending positively. Our unemployment rate in Austin is below the national rate. According to The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, “the Austin economy continued to expand in March. Growth in the Austin Business-Cycle Index held steady at a low level compared with other large Texas metros. Average wages have grown at a rapid pace, and residential real estate markets, though softening somewhat in recent months, remains tight.”

How does that fare for those working in Accounting & Finance? I did a little digging and while our salaries are competitive in our market, we are slightly below the national averages according to Here are a few examples:

Title Austin Average National Average
Accounting Supervisor $74,892 $77,546
Accounting Manager $91,973 $95,231
Accounting Director $138,967 $143,891
Finance Director $160,532 $166,220
Finance Manager $111,029 $114,963

As you can see, our numbers are just slightly off the national averages, but what do you do if you look at these numbers and feel you are way below? There is a lot to think about here. Things to consider might be:

  • Years of experience
  • Education levels
  • Parity within your organization
  • Size of organization
  • Revenue of organization
  • Profitability of organization

And, before you go out to find a new position, think about the following:

  • Do you like your job?
  • Do you enjoy working for this company?
  • Do you work well with your boss?
  • Do you have work/life balance?
  • Are you up for any promotions or raises?

If you answered no to any of the above, then perhaps it is time to keep an open mind regarding new opportunities and begin to update your resume.

Lauren Bachman
Strategic Account Manager, PrincetonOne

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