Employee Spotlight: Joe Lawry

Employee Spotlight: Joe Lawry

Meet our Technology Specialist, Joe Lawry, RPO’s employee of the month for October.

“Joe displayed tremendous professionalism with the internet and telephone issues we experienced last month. Always offering a helping hand, he promptly follows up on all of his technology updates and solutions. A true team player, Joe brings a positive attitude and high energy level to the office every day. Willing to go above and beyond, he never hesitates to come in at night or over the weekend to ensure everything is running smoothly so we can work as effectively as possible.”

Originally from Noblesville, Indiana, Joe earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technical Writing from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since joining PrincetonOne as a Technology Specialist in 2016, Joe continues to enjoy learning about the company and uncovering new technology tips and tricks to share with his team.

Focused, determined, loyal and down to earth, Joe would like to acknowledge his supervisor, Erica Dworznik, for all of her help and support, as well as the PrincetonOne RPO team for recognizing his hard work and dedication.

When he’s not fixing computers, Joe enjoys playing retro-style video games and reading science fiction books. He highly recommends watching the movie, Blade Runner 2049 and is excited to share a birthday with the Nintendo video game character, Mega Man.

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