Three Proven Tips for Landing the Right Recruiter

Three Proven Tips for Landing the Right Recruiter

stand outThere comes a time in almost everyone’s career when you considers changing jobs. This could come out of your desire to advance your career or pure dissatisfaction with your current position. Finding the right recruiter who becomes invested in your search can be instrumental in helping you find a new opportunity.

Most people start by calling people they know in an industry for referrals and then call the many recruiters referred to them hoping for a positive outcome. Sometimes you can get lucky and things work out. Most of the time a recruiter will ask you to send in your resume and give you the brush-off that they will call you if something comes up. Doesn’t sound hopeful.

Finding a recruiter should be a two way street. You should look for someone that is interested in talking to you to find out what you are looking for in order to make a move. Help capture their interest from the start by preparing for the call.

First, make sure your resume is up to date. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my resume have the keywords in it that a recruiter would zoom in on?
  • Does my resume show key selected accomplishments?
  • What impression does my resume leave with other people?
  • Does my resume reflect the experience needed for the type of job I want?

Second, make sure you think about your experience. Be able to articulate your responsibilities and accomplishments in a clear, concise way.

Third, know what you want. Be able to list the types of companies or specific positions you would like to pursue. In other words, help the recruiter understand who you are and what you have done to then capture a potential employer’s interest.

A portrayal of your story needs to be accurate
The more prepared you are, the better your chances are in attracting the right recruiter. Most recruiters will engage immediately in a conversation if it relates to their industry and you present yourself well in front of a potential employer. So if you find yourself considering a career change, stop for a second and do a little preparation work. It will yield greater results!

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