PrincetonOne Employee Spotlight: Jessica Finley

PrincetonOne Employee Spotlight: Jessica Finley

Jessica Finley is a Client Relationship Manager for our RPO division and was selected as the employee of the month for May.

One of her coworkers explains what makes her a valuable team member: “[Jessica] is always upbeat, positive, and ever diligently working. She is a great example of who we all strive to be – and a tremendous asset to our team.”

We caught up with Jessica to learn a bit more about who she is; read more below. Well done, Jessica. We appreciate your efforts to make PrincetonOne a great place to work!

What’s your favorite part of the business?
Building relationships with clients and candidates. I enjoy getting to know different personalities and what motivates people in general, and on top of that, it’s really cool to watch the partnerships between managers and future hires form as they move through the interview process.

Favorite Food?
Tacos, they are incredibly versatile and always delicious.

Favorite Sports Team?
Indianapolis Colts

Favorite vacation spot?
Outer Banks, NC

Favorite Client and why?
A key pharmaceutical company we work with. I’ve worked with them on and off since I first moved to the pharmaceutical team. They are fun and easy-going, and every manager I have worked with really embraces and embodies their core values and culture.

Most satisfying placement and why?
Those last couple of placements in those hard-to-fill territories at the end of an expansion come with an extra sense of satisfaction.

Person within PrincetonOne that you would like to acknowledge?
Lauren Williams and Heather Fisher – the scheduling team is the unsung hero of PrincetonOne RPO!

One interesting fact that no one knows about you?
A lot of people know this by now, but it’s my go-to fun fact: I have a twin brother.

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