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Employment Situation Report Summary – April 2018

Nonfarm payrolls in the U.S. added 164,000 jobs in April 2018, according to the latest release of the Employment Situation Summary from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While below expectations of just over 192,000 new jobs, this expansion of the labor force exceeded the previous month’s figures, even when accounting for upward revisions bringing the March total to 135,000 new

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Employment Situation Report – March 2018

The March 2018 Employment Summary Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.1 percent for the sixth consecutive month.   The full Bureau of Labor Statistics report can be viewed here.


Are Your Interviewing Questions Compliant?

As an employer, interviewing candidates for open positions can be a daunting responsibility. In addition to attracting the right person for the role, you need to sell them on your company and make sure they’re the right fit for your organization. Asking the right questions, listening to their answers and following up are all important parts of becoming a seasoned

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Should Writing Ability Impact Who You’re Hiring?

The ability to effectively communicate verbally with colleagues, superiors, and clients is essential for every workplace, regardless of its industry, but good communication skills go beyond conversations. In today’s digital business world, it’s equally as important for employees to be able to write well. During a regular business day, we’re surrounded by instant emails and text messages where the use

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Your Interview Process is Losing Candidates

Recently, I spent some time listening to hiring frustrations from various HR leaders. Hiring managers and HR recruiters indicated that they’ve lost good candidates to their competition. As I began to probe into why it might be happening, it became evident that their hiring process is playing a role in losing top talent. Each company has a process they follow.

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