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Employee Spotlight – Bridget Wilson

Meet Bridget Wilson, our RPO employee of the month.


“Bridget demonstrates a tireless work ethic and provides an exemplary customer service experience every day. She delivers critical support to the team—interacting with candidates, hiring managers and their administrative staff to create and adjust schedules for 100 territories. Bridget takes requests to reschedule appointments in stride and her positivity and persistence is contagious and uplifting.”


Bridget joined PrincetonOne in 2017. Hard working and creative, she brings her fun and quirky personality to her role as a Client Services Specialist in the Indianapolis office. As the point person for interview scheduling, Bridget enjoys interacting with candidates and hiring managers. She finds it extremely rewarding to help people on their journey to a new career and appreciates it when people acknowledge her role in the process.


Born in Indianapolis, Bridget grew up in Las Vegas and hopes to return to the desert one day. She has a strong admiration for all of the women in her life, including her sister, grandmother, mother and friends. Bridget attended Ivy Tech and plans to continue pursuing her degree in business next year. She is also considering taking some classes in graphic design.


Fun facts about Bridget:

I’m always hungry and my favorite foods are cheeseburgers and fries, because you just can’t have one without the other. My spirit animal is a raccoon. I find those tiny scavengers very relatable.


In my spare time, I enjoy watching my favorite movie, the Dark Knight Rises with my precious cat, Katchoo. I also appreciate making and drinking different types of tea, reading a good book, painting galaxies, drawing and talking about comics and comic book movies. I’m currently creating my own comic book, which I hope to have finished by the end of the year.

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