Dominic Henn

Meet Dominic Henn, Talent Assessment Specialist

“In the past year since joining PrincetonOne, Dominic has supported at least seven clients, including a number of new client expansions and databases. Throughout it all, he remains a positive influence for his peers and is always ready to jump in with a helping hand. Recently, he was given the responsibility of several new projects and training updates, which is even more evidence that he is viewed as a valuable resource by the leadership team. Regardless of the praise he receives, Dominic is always open and receptive to feedback and actively seeks answers for the things he is unsure of. It is a privilege to work with him.”

Dominic joined PrincetonOne in 2018, as a Talent Assessment Specialist for the company’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing division. After conducting behavioral-based phone interviews with candidates, he assesses and determines whether they are qualified for roles in the pharmaceutical sales industry. Once screened and approved, Dominic maintains close relationships with candidates throughout the entire interview and hiring process.

“I love building relationships with candidates and enjoy staying in touch with them throughout the process from start to finish,” says Dominic. “It’s always refreshing to check in with people and be able to pick up right where we left off. Having these types of deep connections makes it so much more rewarding when I get to share the excitement of a job offer with a candidate.”

“My favorite client is a California-based biosciences company,” he notes. “They were launching a new product that changed the game in the epilepsy space – specifically for infantile spasms. It was amazing to hear the sincere care and passion in candidates’ voice to help treat such a damaging disability.”

Originally from Greenwood, Indiana, Dominic earned his bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Marian University in Indianapolis, where he played collegiate football. Although he underwent several shoulder surgeries as a result of the sport, he enjoys taking trips to South Bend to watch Notre Dame football games. Dominic is engaged to be married to his fiancée, Monica, later this year.

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