Mercadees Hempel

Meet Mercadees Hempel, RPO Talent Assessment Specialist

“Mercadees consistently brings such a positive attitude and work ethic to her role as Talent Assessment Specialist. Welcoming and approachable, she greets each candidate on the telephone with a warm laugh and a smile (even though they can’t see it). Mercadees tackles every task with confidence and great detail. She is a stellar example of our culture at PrincetonOne.”

Since joining PrincetonOne as a Talent Assessment Specialist in early 2018, Mercadees has been responsible for evaluating and assessing candidates for open job opportunities and keeping them engaged and informed throughout the entire process. “I get such a sense of fulfillment knowing that I played a role in helping a candidate land their dream job,” she says. Mercadees enjoys placing candidates at a large Massachusetts-based pharmaceutical company. “I know so many people affected by neurological diseases, which is why I love working on behalf of a company whose sole purpose is to help those in need.”

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Mercadees’s top three favorite movies are Repo! The Genetic Opera, Fight Club, and A Clockwork Orange. Her favorite band is Gorillaz and she loves horror movies. In her spare time, she enjoys knitting, reading and writing.

A little-known fact about Mercadees—during her college internship at NUVO, an alternative newspaper and website in Indianapolis, she interviewed Bobby Z from Prince and The Revolution. She notes, “He was really nice!”

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