Describing Weaknesses During Interviews

We have all been there – sitting in an interview having a great conversation when all of a sudden you are asked the dreaded question, “What are your weaknesses?” How do you answer this question with confidence and convey a solution about how you’ve overcome this dilemma? Use this helpful guide to help you maneuver your way through this tricky part of your next interview.

A common misconception

It is commonly thought that if you reveal your weaknesses, people will assume that you are flawed. Similarly, many believe that if they disclose a weakness about themselves during an interview that they may jeopardize their chances of getting the job. However, interviewers ask this question deliberately to see if you’ve learned anything from your past mistakes and how you apply this knowledge to your work life.

How to describe your weaknesses

When discussing your weaknesses during an interview, you should talk about something that pertains to your work life, since scenarios from your personal life don’t hold any value to the interviewer. Be honest and state what facets of your personality you feel you can improve upon. The most important thing interviewers are looking for is to see if you’ve gained any awareness from acknowledging your weakness and what you’ve done to overcome it. No one is perfect, and interviewers know this. If someone says that they do not have any weaknesses, they are not being 100% truthful or authentic to themselves or the interviewer, which may ultimately result in a rejection email.

Did you come out on top?

As humans, failure is a part of life. The key is to embrace our weaknesses and learn something from them. Once you acknowledge your faults, you can put a plan into action to overcome the barrier. When answering this question, do it with sureness rather than avoiding the question altogether. By letting an interviewer know that you regularly work on self-improvement, you may increase your chances of being seen as an asset to the company.

How will you describe your weaknesses to future potential employers? Will you embrace your flaws and display evidence of growth?

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