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Employee Retention in Today’s Workplace

What is employee retention and why is it important in today’s workplace? In simple terms, employee retention is the ability for a company or corporation to hold onto its employees for an extended amount of time. But how can businesses attract invaluable talent that will want to remain loyal to their organizations? Read through these helpful tips and tricks to learn how.

Offer small gestures of recognition to your employees

A commonly underestimated thought is that if you pay your employees a fair wage that they will stay happy and devoted. However, that is not always the case – money can’t solve every issue. Take, for example an employee who earns a great salary but may feel disrespected or unheard by his or her superior. A little change towards acknowledging an employee’s strengths or their contributions to a particular project can deeply improve their favorability to the company. Perhaps they will be more inclined to stay onboard as a result. These gestures can be as simple as thanking them for their hard work or acknowledging their contribution during a weekly meeting.

Provide opportunities for education and growth

Another tactic to help retain the best talent is to provide opportunities for your employees to learn while on the job. Some examples could be seminars, classes, or offsite training sessions. When an employee feels that their company is willing to invest in their career, they may be more inclined to remain a member of the organization. Not only will your employees be happier, they will also be equipped with new skills acquired through these opportunities. As humans, we never stop learning, even after we are finished with school.

Help to build an organizational culture to be proud of

More likely than not, regardless how good of an employee someone may be, if they do not feel welcome or comfortable, they will eventually exit and find a new opportunity. How can this change? Try to build a corporate culture that allows each individual to feel respected and appreciated. Develop a list of core values that your business will abide by in pursuit of building a healthy culture that employees can be proud to a part of. Solicit input from employees at all levels of your organization to develop your core values. In turn, employees will be able to determine if they fit your culture and whether they should stay, or begin searching for a new job.

What efforts will you take in order to strengthen your organization’s employee retention? What improvements can be made to ensure a long-lasting professional relationship with employees that prove to be reliable and key players?

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