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Employee Spotlight: Drew Buess

We were fortunate to catch up with Drew Buess from our retail practice (aka Retail Search Group) and ask him a few questions to get to know the man behind the smile. Drew is a fantastic recruiter and is admired by his clients and co-workers for his ability to adapt in an everchanging climate while continuing to excel in his delivery of top talent. Congratulations on your success, Drew!

Where are you originally from? Colonia, NJ

What’s your favorite part of the business? I would have to say the marketing side. I enjoy trying to get my name in front of the Hiring Authorities and be able to show off the talent I find and present “A” players.

Favorite Food? Italian subs or anything between two pieces of Italian bread.

Favorite TV show? ESPN, I’m a huge sports fan

Favorite Sports Team? I can’t just pick one. New York Rangers, New York Yankees, New York Giants.

Favorite vacation spot? St. Thomas Virgin Islands

Favorite Client and why? Over the years, it’s been [a national chain retailer]. They are very good with communications. They move quick when you find them the right candidates & pay on time!

Most satisfying placement and why? My most recent placement for a Director of Inventory; my candidate who wanted out of her company so bad that she would leave during the day and go to her car and cry. She had a great skill set that many people don’t have, but at that level, there weren’t many openings for her. I finally found an opening for her with company in a great area, but the main challenge was that this new company couldn’t touch her per an agreement they had in place. My candidate was so unhappy with her company that after many conversations she decided to leave without a new job. Since she was no longer with company, the new company could talk to her and I got her through the process quick and painlessly. She is starting this month!

Person within PrincetonOne that you would like to acknowledge? I want to thank the entire team of Retail Search Group. Since being part of the group, they have all welcomed me with open arms. If I ever need anything, I know I can call or email each and every one of them. It’s not about the individuals, it’s about the team first. Great leaders all around.

Person you most admire? This is an easy one: my wife, Jan. I’m 50 years old but I still act like I’m 30. Bless her!

One interesting fact that no one knows about you? When I was 15, my parents would drop me off at Linden Airport since I was too young to drive. Once they dropped me off, I would go prep the plane, take off, and fly around NJ by myself; I was too young to drive but I could fly a plane. That was just crazy!

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