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How You Can Successfully Recruit and Retain Gen Z Employees

Generation Z is the most well informed and largely populated generation so far. They are known for being creative and innovative, as well as independent and driven. Gen Z gives employers an opportunity for new ideas, fresh technological advancements and the revitalization of their companies.

Since the Great Resignation of 2020, employees, including Gen Zers, aren’t going to remain at a company that they’re not happy with. Since employee retention is key to a successful business, and Gen Z will make up 30% of the workforce by 2030, it’s crucial for employers to understand what motivates Gen Zers to stick around for the long run.

Gen Z’s Motivations and How to Utilize them

Positively impacting others:
Gen Zers want to positively impact their community and contribute to social progress. They feel more invested in their work if they know that they’re contributing to something beyond themselves.

Showcase how your company and your employee’s role will positively impact others.

Inform employees of the positive outcomes of their efforts in the workplace or in the community.

Learning and Growing through Challenges:
Due to Gen Zers entrepreneurial spirit, they have a competitive yet collaborative nature. Gen Zers love fast paced learning experiences and challenges that they can use to improve themselves and achieve their goals.

Implement more opportunities for growth and development within your company.

Training programs for new hires is a great way to entice Gen Z workers. Some companies have seasoned employees trade their company knowledge with Gen Z’s technological knowledge.

When offering feedback, turn constructive criticism into a challenge for your employee to improve.

Positive Work Environment and Social Communities:
Gen Zers tend to be less trusting of companies since they’ve seen them fail to ensure employee security in 2008 and 2020. So, a good way to entice Gen Z employees is to showcase how your company cares for and values their employees.

Since 27% of Gen Z report having mental health issues, they want to know companies care for their physical and mental health.

Consider implementing a health care program that includes mental health care and support.

Apply expectations that coincide with a realistic work and personal life balance.

Creating a positive social environment within your workplace where employees feel included and supported. Dive into what is expected of employees when they interact with each other.

Improve communication and relationships between employees to make sure interactions are positive and constructive.

Whether your work environment is remote or within an office, promote your company’s community and the positive attitudes that accompany it.

How PrincetonOne Can Help
While this big shift in the workplace can seem new and overwhelming, PrincetonOne is here to help lighten the load.

“Now more than ever, the workforce at large is demanding a well-rounded and holistic approach to caring for employees as people and not just as workers. “The Great Resignation” should serve as a wake-up call for companies to start examining and increasing the value they bring to their employees – the new generation will not wait for them to catch up.” -MJ Essington, RPO Delivery Director at PrincetonOne.

We can help you find the right people who will get inspired by your company’s mission. Contact us today to find out how we can help you ensure the longevity of your company and your employee retention.


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