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Interview Prep 101

So, you landed the interview you were hoping for? After the excitement dies down, reality sets in that you have to get ready for the big day. What are the best ways to prepare for your upcoming interview? Follow these simple steps to find out.

Research the company

Act as a detective and source the Internet to find out as much as you possibly can about your new potential employer. Read about the company on Glassdoor to hear about the experiences of past and present employees. Become an expert on their corporate culture and structure. You might be asked during your interview what you know about the company. Don’t be caught off guard – have a solid list of facts or talking points and use them as a guide when answering. Another reason to research the company prior to interviewing is to determine if it will be a good fit for you. If you get a bad taste in your mouth after reading the reviews online, it may be a red flag for you to consider.

Examine the job description

Read the job description multiple times and make sure that you are familiar with the responsibilities required for the position. You know you’re qualified on paper, otherwise the hiring manager would never have called in the first place. But it’s important to make sure that you understand what could be asked of you if you were to accept the position down the road. If there is something written in the job description that you were unsure of, make it a priority to ask that question during your interview or phone screening. The hiring manager will appreciate the effort you are making to fully comprehend the available role.

Know your resume inside and out

Your resume is truly a marketing piece which is all about you. Therefore, you should memorize every last detail and be able to answer questions about your past employment or experience. You never know what questions you may be asked.

Predict potential interview questions

It is always good to anticipate what an interviewer could potentially ask of you during your interview. You can easily research some open-ended questions that tend to be asked during most interviews. Practice your answers with someone who is willing to provide honest feedback about your performance. Don’t forget to focus on eye contact, projection, and other important interpersonal skills.

Get some sleep

An often-underestimated piece of advice that could help in your preparation efforts is to get plenty of sleep. You should be well rested and ready to go the day of an interview. A lack of sleep could make it harder for you to recall and retain important information.

How will you prepare for your next job interview? Do you think you’ll get that job offer?

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