Key Soft Skills Needed in the Workplace

When you are looking for your next career opportunity you will probably read tons of job descriptions in the process. You may notice that there is always a long list of qualifications that are necessary in order to be considered for the position. Many times, these qualifications are concrete and specific to your education or the industry, also known as hard skills. On the other hand, soft skills are broader and can be applied to many facets of one’s life, not just work. Although these intangible skills are often times difficult to quantify, they are the interpersonal attributes you need to be successful in the workplace. Follow this list to learn which soft skills employers value the most.

Problem-solving skills

Regardless the industry, having strong problem-solving skills will help you to resolve conflicts and challenges that are presented. People who can find solutions to everyday problems within the workplace will be much more likely to thrive at their job than those who do not attempt or have the ability to think outside the box.

Ability to adapt

With a changing workforce and job market, the ability to adapt has become extremely important. Roles and what are expected is constantly changing. Therefore, having the ability to adapt and adjust without hesitation is what many employers are looking for when hiring new talent.

Time management

Are you able to complete tasks in a timely manner when work demands it? Another highly valued skill in the workplace is having the capability to manage one’s time effectively. Individuals that learn strategies such as creating ‘to-do’ lists or managing a calendar for example, are much more likely to be successful in their given role. Managers also appreciate employees who are able to meet deadlines.


Probably one of the most coveted skills hiring managers seek from new hires is if they are organized. Do they have the ability to keep track of tasks at hand? Organization not only includes keeping a clean workspace but includes arriving to work on time, the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once, and remembering to follow-up with others to make sure that projects stay on track.

Fantastic communication skills

Efficient and effective communication is key to succeeding at one’s job. A lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings and mistakes which can slow down productivity in the long run. Tied to emotional intelligence, strong communication is also a good indication that an individual exhibits great teamwork and adaptability skills.

Hiring managers may consider a candidate based on soft skills presented during an interview even if they don’t possess every hard skill required for the job. These types of individuals typically can acquire new skills easily to do well in their new position.

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