Meet Leah Lambas, Recruiting Partner

Leah joined PrincetonOne in 2021. As a Recruiting Partner, she meets with hiring managers to identify their staffing needs and helps build cohesive relationships with them. She works with her team to develop sourcing and hiring strategies. From reviewing job descriptions, sourcing resumes, and interviewing candidates, Leah wears many hats throughout the day.

To her, the most rewarding part of her role is not only meeting client or candidate needs but exceeding those needs. Receiving a call or an email from either the client or the candidate and simply saying, “Thank you” makes her job worthwhile.

Leah earned her degree in business and marketing from Hesser College in Manchester, New Hampshire. Outside of recruiting, Leah loves the beach and anything to do with water. You can find her boating, swimming, and wakeboarding. An interesting fact that most people don’t know about Leah is that she competed on Fear Factor Live 17 years ago at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. She came in second place. Her family watched from the audience.

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