PrincetonOne Employee Spotlight: Barry Shulman

Barry Shulman works for PrincetonOne’s Financial Services Practice. We caught up with Barry to ask him a few questions and give this well-deserved recruiter a little time in the spotlight.

Where are you originally from?
New York

What’s your favorite part of the business?
Recruiting people who have never been recruited before, educating them on how to interview and coaching them through the process. Also, I very much enjoy working with candidates who come from varied cultural backgrounds.

Favorite Food?
Indian and Chinese.

Favorite type of music?
Late 19th century to modern classical music, especially string quartets and any type of flute music.

Most satisfying placement and why?
The next one I do is always my favorite.

Person(s) you most admire?
Many! The Cleveland Team: Tom McGuire, Lisa De Angelo, Donna Procyk, Dan and Mike Rocky, Lorna Schmidt, Brian Orges as well as Gerry Harris and Tyler Glasgow. All these folks are true serious students of the business. They have an interest and passion to how they approach the business which transcends beyond making a dollar.

Favorite mentor or mentee?
Ron Russ from our Building Products Practice. I had been employed a few years when he entered the business in the 90’s and helped him some. He then helped me greatly when I returned to the business and PrincetonOne in 2002.

One interesting fact that no one knows about you?
Before I rejoined PrincetonOne in 2002, I spent 6 years traveling and playing music (I play saxophone and flute). One of the bands I was with in the 90’s “Indigo Swing” was quite successful. Most of the music the band wrote collectively. One of the pieces was placed as background music in the Adam Sandler movie “The Bachelor”. Every time that movie plays on TV anywhere in the world, I get a few cents royalties, even to this day.

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