PrincetonOne Employee Spotlight: Christine Bauch

Christine Bauch works for Retail Search Group, PrincetonOne’s retail practice. We caught up with Christine to ask her a few questions and give this incredible recruiter a little time in the spotlight.

Favorite Sports Team?
Well, it should be a California team but I love the Pittsburgh Steelers and plan to fly out for a game this next season! – season tickets anyone?

Most satisfying placement and why?
my first placement. I had been with the Retail Search Group for a few months and in training and got a job order with an outdoor retail company (12 Merchandise Planning positions). My first placement with them was my first ever as a recruiter and it really helped me to gain the confidence I needed to charge forward in this business. All of a sudden, the job didn’t seem so scary; I realized that we really do add value and what we do is important and how we do it is even more important. This client became my biggest client my first year in the business and it all started with that one placement.

Person within Princeton One that you would like to acknowledge?
I have a lot of respect for Kaye Salikof and everything she has accomplished in her career. She has always been kind to me and invited me to join her in helping with some of the training for our new AE’s. I love teaching and actually attended UC Davis with the intention of teaching high school so when Kaye asked me to help with some of the training, I was honored. She has a great work ethic and is a team player and truly has a passion for what we do.

Person you most admire?
My husband, Eric, is supportive and loving. We have been together for 32 years, met in high school, fell in love and grew together over the years. He has always supported my dreams and ambitions, has never put me down but has always stood by my side or even a few steps behind when he wanted me to have the spotlight. He is always proud of me and encouraging and is the greatest friend, husband, and father. I most admire him.

Favorite mentor or mentee?
Kim Franchi has been my mentor since day 1. She has always been there to help me think about things differently, challenge me and support me and encourage. Kim has been there to praise me and push me because she knows what I’m capable of doing. She is never there to put me down or discourage but to help me attain my fullest potential and with over 20 years in this business, I admire her greatly because she is incredibly passionate about what we do. She has taken the time to get to know me, become a dear friend, and learn how to help.

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