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When you are going out for a new job or change in career what really determines if you get an offer? What makes you different from the overcrowded pool of applicants? It is important to be aware of what makes you great. Afterall, you are, in the end selling yourself to the employer.

Whether you are seeking the assistance of an experienced recruiter or not, what will you provide as evidence that you would be a valuable addition to any team? We have put together a list of advice to help you market your best self.

Be familiar with your flaws

We’ve all been there. You’re in an interview and you are asked what are your weaknesses and how can you improve upon them? Do you stare blankly at the interviewer or do you have a full list off the top of your head? It is always smart to have a few stored in your memory bank for easy retrieval. Be aware of what mistakes you have made in the past and how you overcame them. Be honest with yourself and use these as a tool to work on your greatest self.

Voice up

In an environment with thousands of loud personalities, it can be easy to get lost or even forgotten by hiring managers. Don’t be shy and make them remember something special about you. What skills do you possess to get the job done and why are you so awesome? What on your resume screams “HIRE ME!”? Speak up for yourself and others will then see great potential in you!

Confidence is key

An amazing resume is great, but that will only get you so far. During any phone communication, email, or in-person interview if you do not portray yourself with confidence, you likely will not receive an offer. Smile and show great enthusiasm as to why you want that specific job and your confidence will shine right through.

Be a fountain of information

Knowledge is power. Be that person who has all the answers. It is also vital to come off as “teachable”. Does your past work ethic and accomplishments prove that you can learn on the job too? How can you show that you will be the person that others will flock towards when trying to solve that day’s dilemma or project? Before going on an interview, be sure to research the company in case any questions arise. You do not want to come off as not knowing anything about the organization. If so, this may result in no follow-up or even an offer.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to present and sell your best self! How can PrincetonOne help? Click here to learn more.

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