Success Begins with Diversity

Regardless of what the future of work looks like for your company, PrincetonOne wants to make sure you are set to succeed. One of the best ways to do that is through building and maintaining a diverse workforce. In 2020, companies have had to focus on the basics of keeping employees safe, but don’t let Covid-19 prevent you from either instituting a diversity hiring plan or losing the ground you may have gained pre-pandemic.

We know you have had to make tough decisions and place hiring on hold. We also know that won’t last. The good news is, we are starting to see companies increase their hiring. And, while the main focus may understandably be keeping your employees safe, it is important to also plan for future success in 2021 and beyond. One of the most important steps a company can take to ensure future success is to create, implement, and maintain a plan for diversity and inclusion.

Companies that have a comprehensive diversity and inclusion plan have the benefit of seeing increased profits, innovation, and faster decision making. They also have the best chance of thriving through a recession. So, whether your hiring has slowed down or been paused altogether, take this time to do some research and work on your future diversity and inclusion plan.

Planning for the future

Even if you aren’t on the path to hiring immediately, now is the time plan for attracting diverse talent. Here are some steps you can take to prepare for an increase in your diversity recruiting:

  • Review your job ads and decide what language you can use to appeal to a broader demographic
  • Encourage your diverse employees to make referrals
  • Develop a brand that showcases your commitment to diversity and inclusion

Diverse executive boards have been proven to perform better, delivering returns on equity 53% higher than their non-diverse counterparts. And, diverse teams produce more revenue – as shown by an 80% performance improvement compared with companies of lower diversity levels.

It’s not just about hiring

Having a plan for diversity recruiting is a fantastic place to start – but you’ll also want to make sure you have a comprehensive plan that extends beyond attracting talent.  That means having a culture that is welcoming to all, regardless of whether you will be working remotely or in an office together. Some starting tips include:

  • Have an honest examination of your current culture – diversity and inclusion starts with hiring, but only succeeds if you have a supportive, inclusive culture in all levels of your organization
  • Prioritize career development for your underrepresented employees
  • Have a consistent marketing plan for diversity and inclusion – make sure everyone – candidates, employees, clients, and customers – understand how important diversity is to the success of your organization
  • Be accessible at all levels of your organization so employees feel safe in speaking up

How PrincetonOne can help

We understand just how difficult this year has been and we want to help lessen the burden you are faced with in these unprecedented times. Covid-19 shouldn’t be a reason to let your diversity initiatives fail to get off the ground or lose traction. Rather, it is the time to solidify your plan and start ensuring the long-term success of your company, your employees and your community. Let PrincetonOne help you as you move forward into a better and stronger 2021.  Contact us today to see how you can leverage the power of PrincetonOne’s recruiting expertise, network, and strong history of finding the best talent for your company.

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