The Best Questions to Ask During an Interview

For many, the most nerve-wracking aspect of a job interview is when it is time for you to ask questions to your prospective employer. Although you may dread this necessary evil, it does help the interviewer to gauge your interest in the company and its overall culture. What questions should you ask and why? Are some questions inappropriate? Follow this list to learn some insightful questions that may help you land the job.

What will my day-to-day look like?

It is important to understand what your day-to-day routine will look like in your potential new role. Determining what some of your daily responsibilities are can help to limit any surprises down the road, such as functioning as the office manager in addition to your other duties.

What characteristics do you value most in a new employee?

Do your values and characteristics align with that of the company you are interviewing with? You can determine this by asking various questions pertaining to their corporate culture and the expectations of its employees. If you feel that your personality does not match up, then perhaps this role may not be the best fit for you.

What do you like most about your company?

This is where you may find out if you are a good culture fit for an organization. Try to grasp your interviewer’s overall opinion of the company. Are they enthusiastic in their explanations or do they just give you a basic, “canned” answer? If you notice a lack of enthusiasm, this could be a potential red flag that they really don’t recommend working for their employer.

Is there room for growth or development?

Notably, questioning whether there is room for growth or not in a position can be very helpful in determining if this is the right opportunity for you. If the response to this question leaves you with a suspicion that there will be no self-development available, this could be another sign to part ways.

What challenges will I face in this job?

Finally, you should understand what problems or challenges may arise if you take on this opportunity. Based on the interviewer’s responses you can get a pretty good idea of what crises may regularly come across your desk. Are you going to be up to what will be expected of you?

Keep these questions in mind on your next interview. Hiring managers appreciate all questions, especially ones that can provide clues as to what types of worker you could be. What questions will you be asking during your next interview?

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