The Best Ways to Improve your Visibility on LinkedIn

One of the best ways for recruiters to locate potential talent is via a search on LinkedIn. It is important to be searchable on LinkedIn to build your network and connect with people of similar backgrounds or experience. How can you improve your visibility and help others to find your profile easily? Follow this helpful guide to learn how.

Set your desired location

A great idea for people looking for a job in a particular part of the country is to list your location in your LinkedIn profile. This will enable recruiters and other potential connections to find you more easily if they are searching by city. Don’t get lost in the vast array of online users. The perfect career opportunity may end up being offered to someone else if you don’t show up in a recruiter’s search. Don’t let that happen to you!

Make sure your endorsements make sense

A good ways for recruiters to source good quality talent is to check a potential candidate’s endorsements. It’s an easy way for them to see if you meet the qualifications they are looking for. Make sure that your endorsements are applicable to your experience and past employment. Remove irrelevant skills and seek new endorsements that correspond to your industry or learned capabilities.

Update your profile

Similar to a resume, you should make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated with your most current experience. According to, “Updating your profile makes it eighteen times more likely to be found in searches by recruiters and other users.” With those statistics, why wouldn’t you constantly manage your account?

Write a summary for your profile

Profiles that do not contain a summary section are less likely to be viewed in length. Use the summary section to educate others on your unique professional history and career path. This should not be a regurgitation of your resume or biography, but rather a short statement showcasing the value that you can bring to a potential employer along with a brief summary of your accomplishments.

Ask for recommendations

Once a recruiter locates your profile, they may scroll to the bottom of your page to read any recommendations from past colleagues. These can be helpful as they will draw a better picture of the type of employee you would be if you were hired. Reach out to two or three colleagues from past jobs and ask them to leave a positive and honest recommendation about you.

Implementing these changes can result in increased traffic to your profile. While searching for your next career opportunity can be stressful, executing these simple adjustments may make the process more manageable. Can recruiters find your LinkedIn profile?

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