Warming Strategies to Keep Candidates Engaged During COVID-19

As a recruiter, maintaining an active and valuable pipeline is essential to presenting the best talent to clients. As a candidate, having the reassurance that your recruiter is still working for you and your best interests during a time of pandemic is also imperative in order to keep both parties on the same page.

Many companies are initiating hiring freezes or a slowdown in hiring due to the unpredictability of the long-term effects of the virus. In an effort to hold onto their best talent, many recruiters and organizations may initiate warming strategies. These strategies are used as methods to maintain interest and intent among candidates. Simply put, recruiters do not want to lose valuable talent now and to have a readily available pipeline when needed. What are some examples of warming strategies that recruiters can use in order to keep candidates engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic? Follow this list to learn some effective tips:

Constant contact

The key is to maintain constant contact with candidates. As experienced recruiters, we know how to maintain this constant contact in order to keep potential candidates warm during uncertain times such as this. Recruiters will reach out to your candidates via telephone to give them updates on hiring activities, relaying any new information or changes. Recruiters also utilize technology to their advantage. This is the optimal time to get people on the phone as most are either working from home or may be in the market for a new opportunity with the current job market in flux.

Using social media as a means to communicate

Use social media and other technologies to keep your candidates warm. Social media can serve the purpose of keeping candidates informed about the company and its updates. Hiring managers and recruiters can speak directly with candidates via chat or messaging functions over social media as a method to inform and continue to draw their attention in.

Utilizing Video

Familiarize yourself with video chat and its capabilities. Recruiters and hiring managers utilize video platforms such as Zoom and other online interviewing services to speak with and keep your candidates informed or interested in open positions. Taking advantage of video platforms as a method for communication will enable richer relationships between candidates and your hiring managers. Perhaps, candidates will be less likely to walk away from an opportunity if given frank advice and updates over video. Recruiters can schedule short video chats with candidates throughout a hiring freeze to gauge their attention and check in on their job search efforts.

Sending regular email updates

Recruiters and hiring managers were already extensively drafting and sending email messages to candidates as a means to inform and engage, but it is absolutely crucial to initiate regular emails during the pandemic. Candidates who are job searching during COVID-19 will rely on email as one of their main sources for communication. It is up to recruiters to regularly provide a touch-point with their candidates to maintain a relationship. Recruiters can assist in sending personalized messages that provide proper updates on the status of open positions. They also reassure candidates over email that they are using every resource possible to assist in their job search needs, especially in a time with such ambiguity.

Act as a source of encouragement

Many people who have either been laid off or are job searching may feel defeated by recent occurrences and the widespread effects of COVID-19. Recruiters and hiring managers should act as a source of encouragement, cheering on candidates. Encourage candidates to keep looking and continue to take interviews, by video or telephone. You will develop a strong relationship among your candidates whom may feel a loyalty and will continue to work with you once companies begin hiring again.

Warming strategies are just one of many ways that recruiters can build and maintain a pipeline of qualified talent. In order to keep candidates engaged during a slow-down or freeze in hiring, effort must be put in and continually managed. Further down the road when normality sets back in, those that engaged in warming strategies will have a vast network of qualified talent to present to clients. What warming strategies will you incorporate into your daily work-life?

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