We All Make Mistakes

It is 100% normal to make mistakes . In fact, are you really human if you never make a mistake? We are not robots, we are living and breathing beings. With that comes a certain degree and room for error.

But what happens when you make a mistake in the workplace? It can be challenging or even embarrassing to decide how to deal with your slipup. Here is a list of some helpful tips that you can take when you become victim to the ever-inevitable human condition – mistakes!

Take responsibility immediately

What do you say when you are on an interview and you’re asked to talk about any mistakes that you’ve made in past jobs? You probably have a long running list of these, which is a good start. The most important step to take when you make a mistake in the workplace is to own up to it. Take responsibility immediately in order to mitigate any lasting consequences. Employers are much more appreciative of employees who willingly accept blame for something they’ve done wrong. It shows immense maturity if you are able to own up to your mistakes. Holding onto secrets is much more difficult than taking control of the situation and accepting culpability.

Understand the consequences of your mistake

The mistakes we make may not only affect us but also our co-workers. It is important to understand any resulting consequences from our mistakes. By not taking responsibility for example, the blame could fall on an innocent party. As the old saying goes, “Every action has an equal or opposite reaction,” and this can’t be truer for the consequences of a mistake. By accepting blame and understanding any unintended consequences, you will likely avoid others being accused for your actions.

How will you prevent future mistakes?

This must be drilled into your mind by now – we all make mistakes! But how will you try to avoid further blunders in the future? Figure out exactly why and when the mistake was made and try to put a plan into action to avoid this problem again. Maybe you made a mistake because you were not sure how to complete a certain task? Ask for help! Managers, co-workers, and others will appreciate that you are making an effort to do your job to the best of your ability. If you do not understand something, be sure to take initiative and inquire until you positively comprehend the subject matter.

Stop the rumors!

Word may get around that you’ve messed up. It is up to you to correct the situation and stop the buzz. Take ownership before others are put to blame. Gossip can get ugly and evolve quickly. Instead of playing along with the gossip, be upfront and remorseful. Others will be much more sympathetic to your predicament.

Did you learn from your mistake?

Mistakes can be teachable moments too. What did you learn from this experience? Perhaps you’ve learned ways to avoid this mistake in the future or you’ve chatted with someone to create a plan of action? Failure isn’t always a negative. It can be the catalyst to a new and improved you. Put your ego aside and use this experience as a lesson for future endeavors.

It is unavoidable to make mistakes in life, but you can take charge to help lessen the impact. What steps will you take?

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