What is Passive Talent?

The current state of job markets around the country is truly candidate-driven. Companies are competing for talent and need to find new ways to source valuable people to fill their open roles. As a hiring manager, one way of doing this is to work with a recruiter who can connect with individuals who are currently employed and are not necessarily looking for a new opportunity, also known as passive talent. These are important individuals to target because of their transferable skills and rich employment experience. What are some ways to catch the attention of people who are not actively searching for a job?

Catching people at the right time

People who are gainfully employed do not necessarily have the time or inclination to participate in a full job search. Recruiters know how to use this to their advantage by proactively connecting with people through LinkedIn, email, or via telephone. The key is to engage with potential candidates at the right time. You never know when someone may be looking for their next career move and recruiters can also provide job opportunities that may not be listed on online job boards.

Keep it cool

Once located, passive talent may not want to broadcast to the world that they are exploring other opportunities out of fear that their current employer may find out. Recruiters understand this and know how to accommodate these sensitive situations. Passive talent will appreciate the help and assistance that recruiters provide during the hiring process.

Don’t give up

When sourcing passive candidates, persistence is the key. Passive candidates represent a huge, largely untapped pool of qualified workers who may fit the needs of your company. In order to reach them, adjust your hiring strategy to identify their points of concern and sell them on an opportunity, not just on a job. People who are not actively searching for a job may be swayed by a new opportunity with better benefits, higher pay, or an inclusive corporate culture. What value can passive candidates bring to your organization?

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