Ghosting: Why Are Hiring Managers Ignoring Me?

A somewhat modern phenomena is occurring in the world of job searching. Individuals are finding that they may not ever hear back or receive feedback after going on an interview. “Ghosting” can be very discouraging for an interviewee and leaves a lot of unanswered questions. What went wrong, and why has communication ceased to exist? Follow this list to learn how and when you may become a victim of ghosting during the hiring process.

A change in direction

It’s possible that the hiring managers decided to go in a new direction. Perhaps they offered the job to someone internally or eliminated the position altogether. Unfortunately, you may not receive any further communication as a result of these changes.


Another reason you may feel ghosted is if the hiring manager or decision maker is out of the office on vacation, or they are in the midst of ongoing interviews with other candidates. Don’t bombard these individuals with emails or voice messages if they truly are out of the office. Candidates should remain patient since the job search process can take time. However, at what point is it reasonable to reach out to a hiring manager if you do not hear back? Allow at least two weeks before sending an email inquiring about the status of your interview. This will also show that you are keenly interested in the opportunity. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee you an answer.

You were not a great fit for the organization

Companies can interview countless people for a single position. Maybe you weren’t the best fit for their organization. Perhaps you only met a handful of the skills required, while another applicant checked off every box for them. Since the current job market is highly candidate-driven, the job search process can be very competitive. The key is not to agonize over it, because there is a job out there where you will thrive. You just have to stay patient, keep searching, and continue networking.

A brief email from a hiring manager, even one that is automated can be a simple solution to ghosting. Ghosting is becoming the norm, but it doesn’t have to be. Have you ever been ghosted by a potential employer? What did you do to overcome the situation?

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