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How to Build Your Personal Brand

As consumers, we all know what a brand is. When shopping, we seek out particular brands and specific products from our favorite companies. But how can a brand be associated with people, especially those looking for a new job opportunity? A personal brand is something that defines who you are and what sets you apart from other people with similar qualifications. Follow this useful guide to help build your personal brand and position yourself as a marketable candidate to companies seeking new employees.

Get online

To begin building your brand, it’s important to make sure that you have an online presence. Whether it’s with LinkedIn or another web service, there should be a public channel where recruiters and hiring managers can easily find you. Be sure to keep your profiles public rather than private to increase your visibility. If you are looking for a position in a specific creative or technical field, it can be helpful to have an online blog or portfolio to showcase your work.

Create a positive reputation

Speaking of your online presence, it’s imperative to create a positive reputation for yourself on those platforms. HR professionals will do a quick Google search of your name to see if they can find anything that will deter them from hiring you. Knowing that they may be searching for you online, you should make an effort to post only positive things about yourself. This can include LinkedIn recommendations from past co-workers, insightful articles that you’ve written, and work accomplishments/accolades. Another good strategy is to set your personal social media accounts to the private setting, in case photos or other personal information gets posted about you that may not be appropriate for a potential employer to see.

Will employers want you?

When thinking about your personal brand, think like an employer. What will make you look attractive to a potential company? One thing you should keep in mind is to include buzzwords listed on your resume as well on your online accounts. If you’re applying for a pharmaceutical sales position but fail to state relevant experience on your resume, chances are you will not even get offered an interview. To see if your online profile or resume passes this test, quickly scan your eyes through the page to see if any keywords come up.

Building a personal brand that is truly representative of you will do wonders for your career and for your pursuit of new opportunities. How will you ensure that you are presenting your best and most authentic-self to hiring managers?

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