Remote Interviewing Techniques and Tips

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are deploying remote interviews rather than in-person traditional methods. This can make the process of sourcing a new job a bit more difficult. It is safe to say that many people will be asked to participate in a video interview in the near future. What are the best practices to use when interviewing over video? Are there things we should not be doing?

Do you have a good internet connection?

First and foremost, you must determine that your internet connectivity is working well. Do not be in the situation where your connection is spotty and your voice fades in and out as you’re speaking. This will make the interviewing process difficult for both parties involved. You will need to repeat yourself multiple times and the interviewer may become frustrated as a result.

Prepare the interview space

Be sure to prepare your interview space, i.e, the background behind you while on camera. The space behind you should be free of clutter. You do not need to be in front of a blank white wall, but do keep in mind that you should remove any wall hangings that may interfere or distract others. It is okay to have book shelves or other small pieces of furniture behind you as well. Make sure that the room is not completely empty, as that may create an echo or other noise intrusions which will make communication difficult. If you are taking your interview from home, be sure to close all doors to limit any interruptions either from outside sources, children, or pets.

Be expressive

During your video call, talk with as much expressive language and confidence as possible. The first step is to smile when introducing yourself. Don’t be flat in your tone. You may come off as boring or uninterested in the position. Use a clear and concise method of speaking that exudes valuable information about yourself and why you would be a great fit to fill their open position.

Effective projection

Speak up and use strong projection when talking over the computer. Adjust the volume control on your computer if necessary, ensuring that all parties can hear each other. If needed, allow for pauses in your speech. This will account for any delay in internet transmission and will also limit participants from speaking over each other.

Eye contact and proper body language

Be sure to provide good eye contact when interacting over video conference, even when not interviewing. This shows that you are intently listening and engaged with the interviewer. You should be looking directly into the camera, which can feel awkward, but it will come across as if you are looking directly into your peer’s eyes. Sit up tall in your seat, allowing for great posture. Keep your feet planted on the ground and allow your arms to rest either on the desk or in your lap.

Dress to impress

It is important to treat this type of interview as you would a typical in-person interview. Doing so, be sure to dress as if you were in an office speaking directly to the interviewer. Make yourself presentable as you are trying to sell your best self to your potential new employer. Do not wear lounge clothing that you’d wear around the house. Video interviews should be just as formal as a regular face-to-face meeting.


Run through potential issues that could arise during your interview. Is your internet running smoothly? Does the microphone on your laptop or desktop pick up sufficient sound? You can avoid many problems down the road by making sure that these issues are accounted for. Speak with confidence and at a loud enough level for people to be able to hear you over the computer.

Closing your video interview

When the interview comes to an end, be gracious and thank the interviewer for their time. Remember to follow-up with an email reinforcing your interest in the position. These simple steps will go a long way and may impress those that you spoke with.

Video interviewing and conferencing can be intimidating at first. However, with practice and experience, you should be able to ace it with no problem. What steps will you take to make sure your next video interview is a success?

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