Should you Continue your Job Search during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

We are living in very uncertain and unfamiliar times. The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has turned the job market upside down and into a total landslide. Many employers are freezing or halting hiring altogether in an attempt to mitigate the impacts of the disease. Those that are seeking new job opportunities may wonder if they should still be applying during a time like this? The answer is a resounding 100% yes! Should they wait until companies resume back to normalcy? Absolutely not! Why is it important to continue your job search even during a time of such uncertainty? Follow this helpful guide to learn more.

Keep networking and make connections

Continue to use LinkedIn and other tools to make genuine connections with recruiters and hiring managers. Networking is important to begin with, but especially now. Relationships that are formed now may become essential to finding a position once hiring resumes. Reach out to connections via LinkedIn, inquiring about any open positions detailing that you would love the opportunity to speak with them as soon as they begin their process once again. Tap into the resources available to you at this time, asking for any inside information on potential leads or positions that may become available in the coming weeks. You might even be able to forward your resume directly to hiring managers as a result. This is the time to make as many relationships as possible.

Some companies are still hiring

Not every company has ceased hiring during this unprecedented time. There certainly are some industries or organizations that have a need for new talent. The only way to know for sure, is to continue your job search and apply for roles that interest you. You could be a great fit and may not know it if you halt the search and wait for things to return back to normal. Recruiters are still working at this time and can be a valuable resource connecting you to employers who are currently hiring. Recruiters also work on opportunities for their clients that may not be heavily advertised online. Therefore, by working with a recruiter, you may find an opportunity that you may not otherwise have found.

Quality and not quantity

Apply for as many or as little opportunities as you see fit. Only apply to a job if it is something that you find to be interesting or that you fit the qualifications. Do not apply for every opportunity listed online as in the long run that will truly be a waste of time for yourself. Rather, the opportunities that you are compelled to apply for, be sure to put in your best effort. If the job requires you to send a portfolio of past work, make sure that everything is clean and organized. If you are asked to provide a writing sample, choose something that fully highlights your abilities. You may even want to have another individual read over it for grammar and readability. Overall, you will want to make sure that everything is presented in a strong and organized manner. In an unordinary time as this, you should have plenty of time to present quality resumes, cover letters, and supplemental pieces to hiring managers.

The job market will return back to normal eventually

Even though many companies are freezing hiring at the moment, they may still be reviewing any incoming resumes or applications. Recruiters and hiring managers may put that resume in a folder to view once hiring resumes. This is a good time to get your resume out there and for hiring managers to read them. Once hiring resumes, your name may be first on their list to set up an interview. The good news is that the job market will pick up again and return back to normal eventually. This may take some time depending upon the overall impacts of COVID-19, but it is still important to keep your search going strong.

Do not halt your job search as a result of this pandemic. Instead, use this time to be resourceful and allow yourself to create valuable connections. What steps will you take to enrich your job search while we face COVID-19?

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