The Best Questions to Ask During an Interview

For many, the most nerve-wracking aspect of a job interview is when it is time for you to ask questions to your prospective employer. Although you may dread this necessary evil, it does help the interviewer to gauge your interest in the company and its overall culture. What questions should you ask and why? Are…

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Interview Prep 101

your upcoming interview

So, you landed the interview you were hoping for? After the excitement dies down, reality sets in that you have to get ready for the big day. What are the best ways to prepare for your upcoming interview? Follow these simple steps to find out. Research the company Act as a detective and source the…

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Resume Tips to Help Land Your Next Job

Is your resume current

Is your resume current and up to date? Chances are that if you can’t remember the last time you made any changes to your resume, that it may be time to make some updates or event start from scratch in order to present your best possible self. Your resume is the first thing a hiring…

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Sell Your Best Self

When you are going out for a new job or change in career what really determines if you get an offer? What makes you different from the overcrowded pool of applicants? It is important to be aware of what makes you great. Afterall, you are, in the end selling yourself to the employer. Whether you…

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